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Best Reviews of Cruises from Jacksonville

We present the top 4 reviews of cruises out of Jacksonville Florida. They cover all cruise lines and are entertaining, useful and recent.

1. Carnival Jacksonville cruise review by Delightfully Jackie. A blogger's 4-day cruise to the Bahamas in December was a wedding anniversary celebration. Good photos from the trip. They were disappointed by some of the meals, but liked the entertainment. Her list of 6 tips should be read by anyone considering this cruise.

2. Review of a Carnival cruise out of Jacksonville by CruiseRadio. This review includes many photos and even offers a video tour of the cabin. They say the dock in Jacksonville is unusual and suggest ways to deal with it. They enjoyed Hasbro - the Game Show and other live entertainment on board. Their overall opinion is that the trip was a good value.

3. Small ship on Florida's great rivers review. A short but positive review of an American Cruise Line "Great Florida Rivers" cruise. They wanted a small ship so they could visit little towns unseen by many other tourists. They explored historic ports like Palatka and Green Cove Springs. Shore excursions were offered at every stop. Comfortable stateroom.

4. American Cruise Lines - Historic South and Golden Isles cruise review. A cruise between Jacksonville and Charleston on a small ship. They had a balcony cabin that was perfect for watching scenery. Descriptions of delicious meals. Pleased with the shore excursions in each port. Good tips and suggestions.

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