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5 Ways to Find a Cheap Cruise from Jacksonville FL

You can get a deal on a cruise leaving from Jacksonville Florida. Here are five tips.

1. Know what is a cheap cruise. Any rate below $100 per day per person is a bargain. Remember, these cruises are complete vacations that include meals and entertainment.

2. Online research. Check Carnival Cruise deals. That is the big cruise line out of Jacksonville.

3. Book early. The cruise lines like to sell cabins way ahead of the departure date so they know how much promotion they'll need to do later in the year. They offer cheap rates to entice early reservations.

4. Look for last-minute cruise deals. The opposite of early discounts, specials on last minute cruises are for people who are ready to pack and go. Cruise lines sometimes drop the rates on remaining cabins as the date of the cruise approaches. But beware -- the cruise you want might sell out.

5. Go during one of the cheapest times for a cruise. Some weeks of the year are just unpopular to cruise, and that results in lower prices.

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