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Best Reviews of Carnival Cruises from Jacksonville

Thousands of reviews of Carnival Cruises leaving from Jacksonville are available. We found the top 5 recent ratings for you to learn from. All are by passengers.

1. Delightfully Jackie Carnival Jacksonville cruise review. Blogger takes a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas in December for a wedding anniversary. The article is well written and has photos too. Disappointed by the food (except for the omlette bar, pizza and deli), but enjoyed the entertainment. Her list of 6 tips for your cruise is useful!

2. CruiseRadio offers a long review of a Carnival cruise out of Jacksonville. It includes lots of photos and even a video tour of their stateroom. They note that the dock in Jacksonville is funky. Enjoyed Hasbro - the Game Show and other live entertainment. Overall the trip was a good value.

3. Enthusiastic detailed review of a 5-day cruise to the Bahamas. The cruise out the St Johns River from Jacksonville was scenic. Half Moon Cay was a favorite and they rented a villa there. Recommend staying in a hotel nearby the night before your cruise.

4. Up Close review of the Carnival Elation. The Carnival Elation is the ship that recently moved to Jacksonville, and this review is packed with big pictures. They like the smaller size of the ship, the tremendous dining room staff, the piano bar, and the children's programs.

5. Shermans cruise review of the Carnival Elation. A short review with a few large photos. Big thumbs up for Hasbro - the Game Show. It is interactive fun in the main show lounge. Also liked the Towel Animal Theater.

6. Shortest review ever. We include this tiny review because it is from a cruise on the new ship (the Elation) and it includes a common opinion of other people: the private island in the Bahamas (Half Moon Cay) is a highlight and you should make sure it is included on your cruise.

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